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Black Spinel

Black spinel stone is a rare gemstone made up of hard vitreous magnesium aluminum oxide or magnesium aluminate. Specifically, black spinel is one of the rarest minerals that comes from the Spinel family and is a true gemstone often confused with black tourmaline. In addition to being sharp like a knife, some people who select items based off their vibration believe that Black Spinel can detect the dark sides of human beings, Black Spinel can change back from the dark negative state to the original positive state. The gemstone is useful to alleviate your stress accumulated in daily life. We experience various emotions such as joy, anger, sadness, and fun throughout the day. No problem as long as emotions balance out. When negative emotions such as anger and sadness are excessive, you feel stressed out all day. Try the healing power of Black Spinel.


This sweet selection of handpicked Black Spinel is the perfect complement to almost every wardrobe choice.
I hand select the bar you see to ensure you get a ribbon of light and subtle color.
Wear this necklace everyday!


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