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Meet the Maker

I am in the business of helping others launch their dreams and that is how I spend my days.

Exhausting but exhilarating work. Keeps my overactive mind engaged and busy!
Unfortunately, despite my exhausting schedule and ample list of tasks, I often ended the day feeling like I accomplished NOTHING!
My husband often asked me how could you work all day and NOT feel like you accomplished anything?

For all my accomplishments, I don’t often have something completed to put in the done pile at the end of the day.
23 years in it got me thinking about the solution.
Turns out handwork is the answer to happiness.

From my sunny seaside space, I create handmade items for the sheer joy of it!
My only goal is to offer others a chance to share the happiness I achieve from completing each piece.
I like the idea of sharing objects … passing on the pleasure they bring.

I have always been a rock hound, a beachcomber … a follower of the shiny thing.

I find great joy and beauty in small, simple things.
Each piece is made from quality gemstones, sterling silver, sterling silver-filled, 14k gold filled or copper.
I also work with leather and sometimes beach glass and stones.

I love the idea of something I created and enjoyed being the token for shared happiness in someone else’s life.

I keep my items small, affordable, and of limited in quantity.
Each piece is hand selected, assembled and shipped with happiness and gratitude.