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I believe in the power of three

It took me a very long time to exercise and sharpen my coping skills.
Somewhere along the line I finally cobbled together a mantra that took roots and gave me the skill to cope and flourish instead of panic and churn.

Much like this little nugget here, I realized that I could break things into threes.
Only do today … the past is gone tomorrow is unwritten so you really only need to today (3)

Only list three tasks. Once accomplished go ahead and tackle more. More than three and I risk the feeling of becoming overwhelmed with a giant list. Worse yet ending the day with a feeling of incomplete.

Three is doable.

I decided to use this strategy when buying and creating. Most all my items are available in variations of three.
3-6-9-12. Helps me with inventory.

Seems as though life has three chapters, three cycles, three opportunities to live the story with a new perspective. Youth, Adult, and Elderly.

Stay focused on today, leave no minutes unlived, be present and kind. (3)