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Do you ever talk to trees?

I know what you are thinking… what type of crazy are you? However, hear me out. There are untold studies confirming that plants perceive and respond just like we do. They respond to touch, food, drought, and the environment and take action on their own behalf. Here is a little nugget from a recent 2017 article.

“The old paradigm about plants, which is very common and (unfortunately) still believed by most people, is that plants are unconscious, “passive entities subject to environmental forces and organisms that are designed solely for the accumulation of photosynthetic products.” But as Baluska et al. note:

The new view, by contrast, is that plants are dynamic and highly sensitive organisms, actively and competitively foraging for limited resources both above and below ground and that they are also organisms which accurately compute their circumstances, use sophisticated cost-benefit analysis, and that take defined actions to mitigate and control diffuse environmental conditions. Moreover, plants are also capable of refined recognition of self and non-self and this leads to territorial behavior. This new view considers plants as conscious, information-processing organisms with complex communication throughout the individual plant, including feelings and perception of pain, among other things. Plants are as intelligent and sophisticated in behavior as animals but their potential has been masked because it operates on time scales many orders of magnitude longer than that operation in animals…


There is even a study that proved trees look for water by sound not feel from their roots.

Plants use acoustic vibes to find a drink

Which according to the article leads to the reason trees infiltrate plumbing lines for water. They don’t set out roots to feel the moisture, they send out and respond to the sound of water (housed nicely in pipes). Which brings me to my two trees pictures.

I  have had the good fortune to reside in a beautiful space for many of years. The property has had limited ownership and upon our arrival, we found it necessary to take down a number of our trees. I often felt horrible about it. I did, however, notice the remaining trees thrived with less shared resources.

I have always detected and even felt a positive vibe coming off a happy tree (see pic) sunning itself in the summer. I often talk to the tree who covers my car at night. (featured image on this post). The tree is a very old evergreen. LARGE. Most people would stay away from such a tree where I live due to high winds and snow fall. However, that tree continues to protect and serve in countless windstorms,  so I give it a pat and say thanks on my way into the house at night. I feel the communal vibe when I do. Respect for each other, gratitude, we are all in this together after all. If trees can find water by sound then believing they can respond to your sound of appreciation is not had to imagine. Go ahead and spread a little happiness to your trees and plants with a thank you and see if you don’t feel the good vibrations!